May 11

Snakes in a Dream

According to Zhougong’s dictionary of dreams, if the dreamer is a businessperson and dreams one pair of snakes, it heralds that the dreamer will be able to make a big fortune.

In real, I’m so afraid of snake even if it’s far but I’m seeing it in my naked eye. I used to know that when a snake appeared in our dream someone is doing something against us behind our back. Hmmm. It was indeed a very big snake, I thought it was only one but there were two they passed on top of the table where we are going to dine. Their bodies smoothly slowly moved diagonally approaching the west part of our venue.

As we see them, we’re calm and it somewhat appears just like a normal thing happening. We did not even shouted or displayed any scary reaction. When I wake up in the morning and have my oatmeal drink, I still have in mind the scenario. I wanted to know what it means. If my father was here I should have asked him about its meaning and expect a very positive equivalent as it is used to be. I googled and found out a very optimistic answer of the questions I had in mind it’s in the first paragraph.

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Apr 30

Custom Speakers for Good

Whatever is the brand of your amplifier and music set and how good it plays when you want to hear music, it is still best if matched with a speaker that is definitely blowing something that is soothing to the ears. A friend of mine just talked about a unique speaker, if I am not mistaken it is called Kustom Speakers . In which I am also interested because we have a bad speaker at home. An old and not to so good in performance anymore. Maybe there is something inside it that needs to be fixed but the expenses is as good as buying a new set.

Apr 20

Teaching Experience

After 15 years of teaching high school I already feel like giving up on this profession. It’s not because I don’t love to teach anymore but because of the work load that has not been experienced by many before. The loads of paper works that need to be prioritized. On the spot making of reports, given today and the deadline is also on the same day. We can’t refuse or just leave it because it is needed too. The 2 hours free time is not enough for the paper works. Plus the records of students on that day and the planning of lesson for the next day. Good for those who are single and has no other things to attend to after class. How about those who have kids? They can’t work on their paper works at home. Only in our country, official time is 8 hours a day. And because we are in this country, we have nothing to do but embrace it with joy or else stress will come in.

Apr 08

What is Hashocean?

Hashocean is a cloud mining site that operates since 2012. You will use bitcoin to buy power. 20 KH/s costs $20 only for your initial investment.
It is growing rapidly and have 7 data centres in different cities all around the world. 2 in San Francisco, 1 in New York, 2 in Nuremberg, and 2 in Singapore.
You will receive daily payout if you’ll choose automatic payment. Funds are automatically withdrawn from balance as soon as you get .005 BTC which will be sent directly to your bitcoin wallet.
Create an account here: LINK Drop a comment if you have one.

Apr 07

Learn Forex

Hi there! Learning about forex in different sites. There a lot of sites offering inviting growth of your money in their websites. We just need to invest in order to experience how money grows by means of trading. It’sbeen years when I know about forex I just didn’t try it. But it isn’t too late yet. Hence, listening is the beginning of understanding. There are videos provided in youtube. We just need to listen and understand how it goes. Let’s keep the ball rolling.

Apr 06

Kontrol x1

Music is the language of the soul that is why it never becomes out of the industry. A lot of inventions for enhancing the quality of music. There are a lot of instruments sprouting like mushrooms both are very useful and unique. One of those is the kontrol x1 which can be used as MIDI as controller. Can be very nice for DJing. A lot of music operators will surely like this one. I am into music even music doesn’t love me but I am still fond of researching new inventions that is related to music enhancer. Life is always good with music inserted.

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