Sep 18

Pedal Choice

When it comes to pedal especially if it is used in musicality, I really didn’t have a perfect idea about where to go and where to buy. But online resources can help us on this. Especially that online shopping is widespread nowadays. Just make sure you stumble upon an online store that offers what you need. Even this uncommon overdrive pro where can’t be seen anywhere. I come to talk about this because someone has known of somebody whose looking for this stuff. I have nothing to blog about today so I come up with this topic.

Sep 13

100% Growth of Bitcoin (Evidence)

How do you like to get paid? Are you that person who is eager to do tasks or a passive one? Either of the two gives you opportunity here. It’s my 6th month in the system and it pays me in the 12th time. It really helps a lot.

This is not a company or any business but a community of people helping people. And most of all, justice prevails in MMM. You will be paid for what you have worked for. If you work less, problably you will only get 20% growth of your mavro, but if you work great, then you will be able to enjoy 100% growth of your mavro. Join here> LINK 

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Aug 21

32nd Death Anniversary of Ninoy Aquino


Reminiscing the commemoration of the late previous Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. Filipinos will always remember this date, August 21. It is a non-meeting expectations occasion across the country as stipulated in Republic Act (RA) 9256, which then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo marked in 2004. Access RA 9256 in this connection.  August 21 this year is so nice for it falls on a Friday, which basically gives most kiddos who are studying and as well as the workers long weekend.

 photo DSC_3461.jpg

Aug 07


Jose Rizal, our national legend once said: “The young is the trust of the mother country”. He didn’t just imply that tomorrow relies on upon us additionally that we are going to turn into the future pioneers of the nation. To accomplish this we must study hard and continue on with a specific end goal to succeed our objectives.

In any case, would we say we are doing what Rizal expressed?

It appears nowadays; we understudies are deficient with regards to study propensities. We don’t for the most part do our home works and we cheat likewise once in a while. Moreover, we underestimate classes. Accordingly we now and then fall flat in exams.

By what means would we be able to be the trust of the mother country as Rizal said if this our state of mind?

As an answer we should not squander our guardian’s cash in playing PC diversions. We ought to attempt to give our guardians our report cards with decent evaluations. To be correct we ought to study hard to ensure ourselves a superior future. Just through these that we will turn out to be great and dependable nationals and in this way help our nation.

Jul 30

Health is Wealth

As Nutrition Month is about to end, I would like remind my followers in school that eating healthy foods will also end. Making it a habit take us away from diseases and keep our body healthy. Not only on foods that we eat shall we be cautious about but also physical activities that helps maintain our body in good condition.

Jul 08

Music: Clip Hanger

Ukuleles are just like guitars that need to be taken care of. Good if it will be hang for safety. Nowadays, there are a lot of innovations and are available in the market. Music lovers will surely love it specially those who have some gadgets related to music. Ukulele hanger in a  mic stand is indeed amazing, a clip hanger that is even very useful. It gives comfort to the music player while playing songs personally accompanied with desired instrument.

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