Jun 03

What is a library?

In an informal article I’ve read, it says that the vital libraries contained annals of the most reliable kind of creating the soil tablets in cuneiform script found in Summer, some doing a reversal to 2600 BC. Private or individual libraries made up of formed books appeared in settled Greece in the 5th century BC. In the 6th century, toward the end of the Classical period, the massive libraries of the Mediterranean world remained those of Constantinople and Alexandria.

Moreover, library is dealt with for use and kept up by an open body, a foundation, an organization, or a private individual. Open and institutional gatherings and organizations may be made arrangements for use by people who pick not to—or can’t remain to—purchase a wide aggregation themselves, who need material no individual can sensibly be depended upon to have, or who oblige capable help with their examination. Despite giving materials, libraries in like manner give the organizations of heads who are pros at finding and dealing with information and at deciphering information needs. Libraries every now and again give quiet zones to focusing on, and they also frequently offer customary districts to support social occasion mull over and facilitated exertion. Libraries frequently give open workplaces to access to their electronic resources and the Internet. Propelled libraries are dynamically being rethought as spots to get unhindered access to information in various associations and from various sour

May 23

Auto Racing Safety

Racing helmets for people who love to do racing is indeed important. Choosing one is a skill, because you need to look for one which is comfortable and even safe to use. There a lot of it in the market nowadays, be it online or offline. There guide as well which is provided by the manufacturers in order to, make things simple. Having safety measures is a need before going to a race anyway. But racing helmets can add security to the racer. Life is only so it is better to have it guarded. The needed guard in every event or racing activity one has to attend or to enjoy. It is indeed a great act to select safety helmets or any other things that make each comfortable too. Above all, prayer is still the best precautionary measures that can protect every human especially to the one who doing risky things.

May 23

Best Seller Bass

It’s a silent day, nothing to listen,nothing to see. I took my netbook and roam around until I happen to stumble in this so called clarinet reeds. A music lovers addition to his collection. I may never know the details about it but I know for sure, it is a useful and an it has amazing feature. You can as well check it in the internet for more information. What I can only say is that it is the best seller in town.

May 15

How to Provide Help/Get Help in MMM?

A compilation of youtube video tutorial courtesy of Rafael Busilacan and Gary Sandrino, MMM managers. This is intended for first timers in MMM and new participants.

How to create and account in MMM?

Use this link if you live in the Philippines:


Use this link if you’re not in the Philippines including Filipinos residing abroad:


How to PROVIDE HELP in MMM Part 1

How to PROVIDE HELP in MMM Part 2

How to GET HELP in MMM?

How to Confirm your GET HELP request?

How to add BTC account in MMM?

Thank you Sergey Mavrodi for creating this amazing fair financial system participated by more than 138 million members around the world. The number of participants keeps increasing day by day. TOGETHER WE CHANGE THE WORLD!

Apr 06

When You’re Lucky and You Didn’t Know It

That was a month ago when we purchased a new television, a flat screen 32 inches television from a certain company. That time, there was a promo, purchaser have to add about 34 USD for the speaker, but then, the speaker will be released a week after for they have to wait the order one for me of course. Two weeks after, I wasn’t able to follow for I was busy with my work. One month after, 100 % sure that I will be bale to claim it. While approaching the glass door, they attendants smiled and said jokingly, we thought you’re not coming back. The in-charge then told me to sit down and hand me the money I added for the speaker, and said, it’s free! what a lucky day! :)

Mar 21

What is Swiss Golden?

”If your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business.” I heard this phrase mentioned by one of the speakers in a seminar I attended at Tagaytay City, Philippines on October 2014. I pondered so many times about it. Then I researched the phrase with exact keywords to find the entire quote. Into my surprise, it’s Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft who did quote it.
Anyway, all of my businesses appeared online, even how small it is. I just find it easier to market all these things at the comfort of my home or during weekends or even weekdays when I’m off from work. You might be thinking how many businesses do I have since I said ”all.” Well, it’s only two.
Recently, I found this new online selling and buying and investing gold online. This maybe the third. I believe this can be viral online. After a careful study about the company and the marketing strategy, I feel confident to make a post about this. In the Philippines, there will be an event dedicated for Swiss Golden clients. In support for them, a training and recognition will be given. This wil happen on March 28, 2015 9:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. at at ACE Hotel and Suites Pasig City. The training will be conducted by Kseniya Kreger and Elena Kadatskaya.
If you wish to join, below is a strong global group I have known online. A group of leaders from different countries and companies now merged into one at Swiss Golden with one goal, one vision, to help one another succeed. Included is a brief information about the company, links of videos and the flow of of the business as well. You can leave comment to let them know your interest.
OFW and Mariners
Company Website: https://swissgolden.com
Group Website: http://www.swissgoldenphils.com/p/home.html


You can join starting a solo account
Preliminary, Main Table

16,500 TURNING 315 UP TO 340,000

every 16,500 is 1 table or 1 account
1 table need to work out the system 1+2
or 1 table + 2 Direct Referral

1st Exit is from the silver table
2nd Exit from the golden table 1ST PAY OUT 128,000
3rd Exit 128,000 2ND PAY OUT
4rt Exit 128,000 3RD PAY OUT

TOTAL 340,000
You can claim your income through Bank Wire Transfer
You can request a visa card or debit card
You can claim the gold bar if you are in Europe
You can change it to a coupon code too
Drop your comment below if interested, I can add you to their group page.

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