Jan 21

Staying away from Criticism

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Jan 19

Music as the language of the soul

If you are a music lover, you will never stop searching for more add ons in order to complete your craving for a better result of your musical presentation. Seymour Duncan pedals is only one of those being introduced by marketers. I really appreciate those who never stops and keep on inventing new additions for music. As it is also important to us for music is the language of the soul.

Jan 15

Stupid is Forever: By Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago

According Sen. Miriam’s facebook account status, representative Miriam Santiago is one of those individuals who can be offending and soothing in the meantime. She’s basically an unicorn–rare and elusive; an otherworldly animal who knows her sh*t and would challenge any individual who would confront any individual who sets out to test her. Wanna try? Hehehe!

Her new book, relevantly titled “Stupid is Forever,” is an aggregation of quotes and sayings from her discourses, meetings, and composing as the years progressed. It gives life and adoration guidance, pick-up lines, and of course–expression of her despise for lawmakers who never learn, or, in her own particular words, them “who wouldn’t perceive mockery in the event that it hopped up and bit them in the supercilious nose.”

It has been said it’s incredible this book (spread composed by the astonishing CJ De Silva-Ong and has works of art by craftsmen like Manix Abrera, Rob Cham, and Elbert Or), turned out without a moment to spare for the occasions, as the majority of us would may require some great slap in the face to bring us once more to reality. For this rundown, we’re concentrating on adoration guidance, in light of the fact that like Stupid, it is… well… Forever.

Jan 13

Pope Francis Visit in the Philippines

Finally, the leader of the world’s biggest religion, Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church affirmed his visit to the Philippines this 15th of January 2015. His arrival to the Asia’s biggest Roman Catholic populace is watched. Filipinos are even counting the days. He will have mass at the Araneta and then go to Tacloban and visit then give a holy mass to the survivors of the typhoon ”Haiyan” Yolanda.

Jan 11

Sen. M. Santiago Pick-up Line

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”Sana FB status ka nalang, para pwede kitang e-like.”

People always crave for something new to hear each time Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago opens her mouth, acutely attentive are envisioning for a quotable line to mention. According to a barkadahan blog, she doesn’t just come up significant addresses however she likewise includes silliness. She truly can be a stand-up entertainer if at any time she chooses to resign from governmental issues. Here is one of the pick up lines she mentioned on one of her speeches.

Jan 10

Choosing Your Coffee

There’s a lot of coffee kind nowadays, different taste and flavor to try. There’s just one thing about having coffee, that’s when I am enjoying the aroma of my newly discovered coffee, the OG coffee. I so love it so much. My fav is black, I put a spoon of honey when making one. Making it even more healthier. How about you? What coffee brand do you like? Or you have tried and you are looking for more?

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