Summer Outing

Summer is indeed evading from its shadow and now screening all over the country. A lot of people love summer. Aside from the seeing Mr. Sun, and the no soaking pathways due to heavy rains, a lot loves to go swimming in the beach as well. Swimming offers us a calming effect, we feel relaxed while enjoying the waves of the ocean even the mean taste of the pool water, just don’t try swallowing even a drop. Well, anyway, we can forget about it what the water of the pool is blended of.

Another thing, when we go off the beach with kids, we should take our own precautionary measures aside from the resort policy. When a lot of people are enjoying, safety can sometimes be forgotten, but if there are vigilant life guards, everyone can be safe. Yet, adult must keep the kids’ activities with their eyes that are enjoying.

Nicholas Sparks’ Novels Adapted into Film

The first that I have seen was, “The Notebook”. That was when we had a sleepover at a colleagues house way back then. This movie was released in 2004, and I was able to see it in 2004 also. I also have watched his “The Last Song” released in 2010. Both are beautiful drama series. Then, the latest movie I watched was, “Safe Haven.” It is also another beautiful drama. Upon seeing those I realized and planned to have a movie marathon with all his movies. I heard a lot about this author, and that he has 17 published novels. In which 8 has been adapted into film. Namely:

  • Message in a Bottle, 1999
  • A Walk to Remember, 2002
  • The Notebook, 2004
  • Nights in Rodante, 2008
  • Dear John, 2010
  • The Last Song, 2010
  • The Lucky One, 2012
  • Safe Haven, 2013

Two are soon to be numbers 9 and 10:

  • The Best of Me, 2014
  • The Longest Ride, 2015

More novels to read on, more film to watch too.

Collage Maker for Android

Are your fond of making collage in your phone photos? An application that is just so easy for you to group your photos. At first, I only have camera 360 installed in my phone. It is also where I make a collage of photos to share. Later, I realized that I couldn’t make a collage with the regular photos I took. So, by means of searching for a photo collage on google play, I found Scoompa. A quick downloading and installing it in my android phone made me create a collage in an instant.

Preparing for a Wedding?

When I was young, I dreamed to become a June bride. I just do not know why it is nice to be one, but I just learned in the neighborhood and from family friends that it is nice to be wedded in June. So, in my entire teenage, I thought June is for special weddings. Of course, who would not want to have a special wedding? It only comes once. When we talk about weddings in Grand Rapids Michigan is where it seems to be the best if you live just nearby.

Wedding comes at once only, so, choosing which you think is best would come into your thoughts first. Nowadays that google is always there for us to suggest what we necessitate and what we are looking for becomes our job easier. If you live in Michigan, wedding receptions in Grand Rapids Michigan is ideal. Since we need to make our guests comfortable and satisfied, we have to choose one that would meet everyone’s need.

My wedding wasn’t perfect like what I planned due time constraint and I didn’t hire a wedding in-charge too because I thought everything will be okay, but later I realized it is best to have someone who will take care of everything. This is to avoid the celebrant a stress free event in his and her entire life a married couple’s beginning. So, I suggest you would get experts in the said event to have a meaningful knot tying.  This is brought to you by your friends of wedding packages in Grand Rapids Michigan.