CCTV Camera

In every business establishment, CCTV camera is already a need. Most of the businessmen nowadays prioritize this stuff for safety and for personal reference with regards to how the business is going on. Especially during the absence of the boss. It is not to only for the employees to get caught of what they have been doing but also to review whatever things happened during the day.

Light Breakfast

Amidst the pouring rain yesterday, I was still able to go to the grocery store and get some food to eat while inside our home. Single pizza, gardenia ube and cheese flavor my all time favorite, stick-o for my baby and more. This rainy morning, we are having a light breakfast, while having my ube bread and chocolate milk, she’s also having a sip of baby’s milk while holding a stick of stick-o in her other hand. Simple, yet the best when together.

Rainy Summer

It’s the third day of our school break, and the second day of rainy summer days. I was supposed to pull grass that are getting bigger near my plants and water my plants in the equivalent of week, for I wasn’t able to take care of them for a week due to painstaking tasks done on the last few days of the school year. The rain yesterday was definitely a blessing, but I since am going out today to file our W2 at (B.I.R.) Bureau of Internal Revenue hoping the rain will cease from pouring. My plants are also watered enough by yesterday’s shower.

Breakfast as the Most Important Meal of the Day

That was on my college days when I mostly skipped breakfast due to early class schedule. I need to rush and need not be late in coming to school or else, we will all hear reprimand of our caring but a little bit nagging professor. She lives farther than most of us because we just rent an apartment nearby but she used to come earlier.

With that scheme, I jump out from bed, take a quick shower then go to school. Preparing and cooking meals for the beginning of the day is not a usual routine for me. I thought that was just okay. It ran until I finished a bachelor’s degree.

In a short time after passing the licensure examination for teachers, I got a job. I am still in an apartment for we do not own a house anymore. Our house was sold to the one who has the highest bid for the lot. My late parents were not able to take it when they’re alive. I was 18 when they left, no job, no enough money to save it.

The usual thing in the morning when I was in my first job was still the same. Jumped out from bed, take a quick shower and go. But later, it did give me bitter result. I got an acute gastritis. I was hospitalized and was absent for days. After the healing process, my life becomes normal, I woke-up early and then, put something for my mouth to eat. No need to make heavy meals. The most important for me is to feed my empty stomach since evening.

Lesson: “Health is wealth.”