Apr 08

What is Hashocean?

Hashocean is a cloud mining site that operates since 2012. You will use bitcoin to buy power. 20 KH/s costs $20 only for your initial investment.
It is growing rapidly and have 7 data centres in different cities all around the world. 2 in San Francisco, 1 in New York, 2 in Nuremberg, and 2 in Singapore.
You will receive daily payout if you’ll choose automatic payment. Funds are automatically withdrawn from balance as soon as you get .005 BTC which will be sent directly to your bitcoin wallet.
Create an account here: LINK Drop a comment if you have one.

Apr 06

Kontrol x1

Music is the language of the soul that is why it never becomes out of the industry. A lot of inventions for enhancing the quality of music. There are a lot of instruments sprouting like mushrooms both are very useful and unique. One of those is the kontrol x1 which can be used as MIDI as controller. Can be very nice for DJing. A lot of music operators will surely like this one. I am into music even music doesn’t love me but I am still fond of researching new inventions that is related to music enhancer. Life is always good with music inserted.

Jan 21

Pause Mode Declared

MMM a mutual financial community serving people around the world has declared pause mode. Pause Mode means all mavros will be frozen, and the is effective January 9, 2016. All PH (Provide Help) done on January 8 down will be frozen but can be received in an approximate span of 6 months or less. Just to make things clear, mavros are not gone, it is just there waiting to be dispatched when the PH/GH is already balance.

I just talked with an Indonesian friend and she told me that they experienced Pause Mode for 3 times already. And MMM (Mavrodi Mondial Movement) is now developing continuously. It get even stronger than before.

In the Philippines, many got panicked. In my own opinion, those who panic are those who considered MMM as an investment, in which it’s not for MMM is just a helping community. You help now and you get help later.

What can participants help?

There are but 2 simple steps to get out of the pause mode:
(1) Provide help.
(2) Invite others.

There are 2 ways to avoid the pause mode:
(1) If you don’t need help, keep providing help. You will be rewarded with more mavro.
(2) But never overgrow your mavro. If you don’t really need help, GH it out and PH it in… just like breathing.

THE SECRET is to keep the money circulating in the community… NEVER to keep it to yourself.

LONG LIVE MMM! Together, we can change the world.

In addition:

ATTENTION!!! For the Awareness of all Participants in MMM Philippines concerning about the OLD MAVRO There are two ways where you can get your Old Mavros ( Mavros Credited Before January 8 ) First – Old mavros was automatically being release by the system – so you need to wait until there will be an automatic Get Help request that will appear on your dashboard page of your Account, you need to check as well if your btc wallet address was correct to avoid any mistake on sending the donation – priority are those participants who haven’t made any Get Help request on their account Second – You may also get your Old Mavro by making a New Provide help request and 10% of your new contribution will be the basis of the amount of old mavro that will be release by the system – NEW MONEY BASIS ( OPTIONAL ONLY! NOT MANDATORY! ) Example: ( NEW MONEY BASIS ) New Money ( Provide Help ) = 1,000 x 10% = 100 = Old Mavro But! If you made a Get Help request before ( Your last transaction before January 8, 2016 ) amounting 200 PHP, then you made a Provide Help request now amounting 1,000 PHP then the old mavro that will only be release was 80 Mavro – PHP, How? New Money Provide Help request 1,000 – 200 Last Transaction of Get Help request ( IF YOU HAVE ) = 800 x 10% = 80 Mavro – PHP ( This is now the old mavro that will be release on your account New Money = 1,000 Last Get Help request before January 8 = 200 Formula: New Money = 1,000 – 200 = 800 * 10% = 80 = Old Mavro ============================================= I hope that makes us all clear – Thank you! Please Share!

From: Senior Guiders of MMM Philippines

Jan 10

Forex Trading: Do it Now or Never

I’ve been blogging about forex years before but I never try to do forex trading. This commonly uses bitcoin and this is now the trend. There actually three different ways of earning bitcoin through trading with forex namely; a. Networking (good for networkers-invite invite for more bonuses) b. Manual Forex trading (a little bit laborious but the best for me smile emoticon c. Automated Forex (just like minute-lowest income generating but stress free) Interested on some tips? Ask me about it. you can drop a message in the message box.

Jan 01

New Year Greetings

Hello readers! This year would be a great year for many of us. Let’s start the year right and everything will be alright. If there would be flaws coming in, I’m pretty sure it would be cleared all the way. These are called spices in a cookery. It may give a different taste when not mixed but offers a good satisfaction to the consumer.

The blessings we have from the past year and the failures as well are our guiding light and stepping stone to a better year 2016. There is always a room for improvement in such a way that we always looked at what we need to develop and what needs to be corrected. It takes an open mind and heart to do it all. Happy new year everyone! Wishing you more blessings this year! A bountiful year that makes all of us happier than the past year.

Dec 26

Percussion Instrument

Percussion are great addition to the musicality of the presentation it sometimes serves as highlight of the entire production.Musician Friend’s percussion instruments really give an amazing outcome due to its uniqueness and amazing arrangement of the band. Everyone can use any other adding up instruments but this really gives an overwhelming sound effect that will amaze the crowd depending upon how it is played too. It very fascinating indeed and will give people the idea in loving the music more and more.

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