Mar 21

What is Swiss Golden?

”If your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business.” I heard this phrase mentioned by one of the speakers in a seminar I attended at Tagaytay City, Philippines on October 2014. I pondered so many times about it. Then I researched the phrase with exact keywords to find the entire quote. Into my surprise, it’s Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft who did quote it.
Anyway, all of my businesses appeared online, even how small it is. I just find it easier to market all these things at the comfort of my home or during weekends or even weekdays when I’m off from work. You might be thinking how many businesses do I have since I said ”all.” Well, it’s only two.
Recently, I found this new online selling and buying and investing gold online. This maybe the third. I believe this can be viral online. After a careful study about the company and the marketing strategy, I feel confident to make a post about this. In the Philippines, there will be an event dedicated for Swiss Golden clients. In support for them, a training and recognition will be given. This wil happen on March 28, 2015 9:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. at at ACE Hotel and Suites Pasig City. The training will be conducted by Kseniya Kreger and Elena Kadatskaya.
If you wish to join, below is a strong global group I have known online. A group of leaders from different countries and companies now merged into one at Swiss Golden with one goal, one vision, to help one another succeed. Included is a brief information about the company, links of videos and the flow of of the business as well. You can leave comment to let them know your interest.
Company Website:
Group Website:


You can join starting 1 share or 550 pesos
Preliminary, Main Table

1share 550 turning 10,500
2 share 1,100 turning 21,000
3 share 1,650 turning 31,000
4 share 2,200 turning 42,000
5 share 2,750 turning 52,000
6 share 3,300 turning 63,000
7 share 3,850 turning 73,000
8 share 4,400 turning 84,000
9 share 4,950 turning 94,000
10 share 5,500 turning 105,000
15 share 8,350 turning 157,000
20 share11,000 turning 262,000

16,500 TURNING 315 UP TO 340,000

every 16,500 is 1 table or 1 account
1 table need to work out the system 1+2
or 1 table + 2 Direct Referral

1st Exit is from the silver table
2nd Exit from the golden table 1ST PAY OUT 128,000
3rd Exit 128,000 2ND PAY OUT
4rt Exit 128,000 3RD PAY OUT

TOTAL 340,000
You can claim your income through Bank Wire Transfer
You can request a visa card or debit card
You can claim the gold bar if you are in Europe
You can change it to a coupon code too
Drop your comment below if interested, I can add you to their group page.

Mar 18

Pacquiao or Mayweather?

The Filipino pride eight division World Champion Manny Pacquiao, is going to secure his title WBO World Champion against the American undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2, 2015 at Las Vegas Nevada.

Pacquiao arranged all that much and focused himself on muscle fortifying, running and incorporate ball playing on his every day schedule. Then again, Mayweather praticed likewise for that occasion. He actually is adapting new methods on how he is going to battle for the Filipino boxer and snatch the WBO World Champion title.

Some famous big names and some extraordinary boxer like Juan Manuel Marquez and Marco Antonio Barerra who will be the analyst of the occasion admit to whom of the two should have the title.

“Manny Pacquiao will win over Floyd Mayweather Jr. because he has this ability to defeat the American boxing champion”, -Juan Manuel Marquez.











“Floyd Mayweather will win because he practice a lot  and number of techniques to remain undefeated boxer”, – Marco Antonio Barerra.


Mar 15

Binibining Pilipinas 2015 Coronation Night

March 15, 2015, Sunday, Smart Araneta Coliseum


Special Awards


Ms. Photogenic – Bb. 5 Cannielle Faith Santos

Ms. Friendship – Bb. 6 Toni Hipolito

Best in Talent – Bb. 34 Teresita Marquez

Best National Costume – Bb. 34 Teresita Marquez


Ms. Philippine Airlines – Bb. 12 KylieVerzosa

Ms.  Manila Bulletin – Bb. 5 Canneille Faith Santos

Ms. Creamsilk – Bb. 10 Pia Alonzo  Wurtzbach

Ms. Jag – Bb. 34 Teresita Marquez

Ms. Swimsuit – Janicel Lubina


Bb. 8 Bb. 14 Bb. 28 Bb. 17 Bb. 25

Bb. 10 Bb. 34 Bb. 9 Bb. 24 Bb. 11

Bb. 21 Bb. 23 Bb. 19 Bb. 22 Bb. 12


Mar 13

Miss Philippines

The yearly Binibining Pilipinas Beauty Pageant is a venture of Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Incorporated (BPCI), a non-stock, non-benefit association and establishment, and the coordinator of the Binibining Pilipinas, has secured aptitudes trainings and instructive workshops for the indigents and humanitarian/philanthropic ventures and exercises that have profited numerous vagrants and road youngsters, poor families and different less lucky individuals from the Philippine society.

The exhibition, BPCI’s essential instrument as it seeks after its main goal of spreading peace and love the country over, is a raising support movement for ventures that would profit vagrants, poverty stricken families and different less lucky individuals from Philippine society. Aside from creating the nation’s best marvels as delegates for different worldwide rivalries, BPCI has been a key accomplice in country building for more than four decades, giving abilities preparing, instructive workshops, mission work, and other important administrations for the minimized divisions of the group.

Bb. Pilipinas Coronation NightFirst and first a beneficent association, BPCI gives all its income to a series of halfway houses in Metro Manila including childcare focuses, in participation with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). In times of catastrophes, particularly the late decimation realized by storm Ondoy, it is resolved to contribute help to alleviation operations at whatever point and wherever such cataclysms happen. Beside joining the help endeavors directed by GMA’s Kapuso Foundation for the casualties of tropical storm Ondoy a year ago, a standout amongst the most huge alleviation operations that included BPCI was when Central Luzon was monstrously influenced by the emission of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991. Binibining Pilipinas past and afterward present titleholders walked through the fiery debris loaded town of Porac, the Tent City in Pampanga, and other outcast camps, to appropriate sustenance, meds and other fundamental needs to the influenced vulnerable inhabitants that included ethnic tribes that lived on the fountain of liquid magma inclines. The organization additionally added to the worldwide exertion of supporting the Tsunami Victims when it made its gift amid the MTV Asia Aid Event at the Araneta Center last 2005. Other later satisfying tries attempted were general kids’ welfare programs at the Barangay Soccoro Day Care Center and the Philippine General Hospital Pediatric Cancer Unit, helping form houses for the poor as volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, bringing help and motivation to our injured officers at the AFP Medical Center, and bringing Christmas cheer to impoverished youngsters by facilitating them amid the Disney on Ice Charity Show last December.

With the yearly show as its principle wellspring of trusts, the BPCI tries to bring the message of trust and love the country over. Youthful Filipina expo members are given the chance to be transporters of this message as the philanthropic missions make up BPCI’s essential objectives. Its part in the upliftment of less lucky individual Filipinos through financial backing produced from corporate sponsorships and different sponsors and benefactors is the fundamental purpose behind BPCI’s presence and importance as an organization.

Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc’s. importance as an association lies in more than simply the journey for the True Filipina Beauty—it is the passage to numerous significant chances to have the capacity to have any kind of effect on the planet, with its persevering responsibility to different helpful reason

Mar 12

Reasons why Teen use Drugs

A couple of youth nowadays drink or utilize drugs for passion or mental reasons. A few young people are basically curious. They have to acknowledge what it feels like to get high or crushed. Others like the intensity of having a go at something new, especially when it is something they shouldn’t do. It makes them feel like they are “living on the edge.”

Still diverse teens may feel modest, forsaken, troubled, concentrated on, or debilitated. They may turn to solutions or alcohol to enhance themselves feel. It is standard for young people to experience these troublesome sentiments. You and your partners can’t swear off understanding down or concentrated on here and there, on the other hand you can make sense of how to handle these feelings without relying upon alcohol and medicines.

A couple of youngsters begin drinking or using pharmaceuticals in light of the fact that they see some individual in their family doing as being what is indicated. They feel that prescription or alcohol use is a bit of standard life. Your friend may have a slant to alcohol misuse in light of the fact that his father or grandmother is a boozer. This suggests that his shots of transforming into a lush are to a degree higher. In 2005, a normal 4.3 million Americans began using alcohol. This works out to a typical of 12,000 Americans who start drinking reliably. The lion’s impart (89 percent) were under twenty years of age one.

There are young people who feel that using medicines is a bit of essentially hanging out or celebrating. Your friend may accept that drinking or using prescriptions is more fun than playing recreations or review a film. He’ll battle that he knows a couple of adolescents who usage pharmaceuticals or alcohol and aren’t needy, so he is enthusiastic to take the threat.

Regularly, there is more than one clarification behind your friend’s getting included with drinking and solutions. In any case, its basic to remember that compound substances never deal with issues. Rather, they can make significantly more difficult issues.

Reference: Teen Health and Wellness begin drinkingusing-medications

Mar 11

Wellbeing Ramifications on Climate Change

In the most recent 3 decades the Earth?s surface has warmed by give or take 0.6[degrees]C and atmosphere models foresee further climbs somewhere around 1.1[degrees]C and 6.4[degrees]C over the 21st century [4]. These climbing temperatures will be in charge of expanded number of mosquitoes (models propose that 300 million more individuals will be influenced by jungle fever by 2080), heatwaves creating heatstroke, and expanded dengue fever cases, gastroenteritis and other atmosphere touchy irresistible maladies [5]. World Health Organization (WHO) evaluates in 2000 proposed that 5.5 million DAYs were lost as an outcome of expanded cardiovascular malady, looseness of the bowels, intestinal sickness, wounds from flooding and lack of healthy sustenance because of climatic changes [6]. Their evaluation barred the ?unquantifiable? wellbeing results from contamination, changes in sustenance generation, temperature extremes, populace removal and clash. Notwithstanding, different gatherings have recommended that product yields will fall by 20-40% with climbing temperatures, fueling existing nourishment deficiencies that as of now prompt hunger and the passings of 3.5 million ladies and youthful kids consistently [7]. Correspondingly, 16% of individuals in creating nations as of now don’t have entry to clean water, and 48% need access to sufficient sanitation, a circumstance that will decay further with changing precipitation designs [8]. Real climate related debacles that have prompted more than 2 billion individuals being influenced by surges, dry season, blazes and violent winds over late years are likewise anticipated that would increment [9]. Common debacles lead to mass natural interruption, relocation and movement of individuals, and propelling the procedure of urbanization. Urbanization itself, with its higher thickness populace, conceivably increments people?s powerlessness to environmental change, particularly when settlements are not intended to be ?atmosphere strong? [1]. These contemplations bar the potential aberrant well being outcomes from the financial disturbance that environmental change will bring, particularly for creating nations with agrarian economies.

A feedback with respect to expectations of an unnatural weather change and well being is the vulnerability and many-sided quality of ascribing expanded sickness load to an Earth-wide temperature boost. Be that as it may, the vulnerability is not that an unnatural weather change will be in charge of worsening the worldwide general well being issues of neediness, irresistible and non-transferable illnesses, yet by how much. On a logical level, evaluating the well being impacts of environmental change is troublesome given the nonappearance of an agreeable correlation amass, the long slack time in the middle of changes and impacts and the horde of potential results from environmental change and the extensive number of non-climatic impacts on these results. This vulnerability has been effectively misused in hosing the invitation to take action.

Reference: Galegroup Virtual Library

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