Importance of criteria for judging in an art contest

There are times when organizers of a certain event missed to get the best judge for a certain contest. They may have asked for someone whom only has a little knowledge about the skill conducted. However, the safest way to do the selection is to strictly follow the criteria for judging. Usually, in an art contest it is; 30% relevance to the theme, 30% originality, 30% creativity, 10% overall impact. These must be carefully considered in judging pieces for whatever is the result will speak about the judge. Slightly, it may lose ones credibility. It is a little bit shameful on the part of the person.

If these are the criteria, these must be the criteria:

30% relevance to the theme

30% originality

30% creativity

10% overall impact

A total of 100%

But what used to be is 100% OVERALL IMPACT. And neglecting the theme will take place. That’s how dangerous little learning is. But this little learning can be broadened by reading the THEME AND THE CRITERIA FOR JUDGING CAREFULLY so it will not result like what is very colorful will be the winner. Choosing colors is very delicate if we are going to think about it. The elements of design have to be considered in the first place. This is a lesson in art and majority who have been taking art subjects have met this but due to its brevity it will be forgotten.

Life’s little secrets

In order to be happy, there are a lot of ways to take in order to attain it. Being happy can’t be paid nor even sold. It is just a matter of choice.

  1. Forgive and forget. Leaving what’s not pleasing and non-sense issues. Forgetting about it gives you peace too.
  2. Learn to hide. In life, there are things that are best kept secret. If showing it causes disorder, better let no one sees it.
  3. Enjoy life. Life is short to make it cheap. Need I expound it? You may have more and better ideas in mind I bet.


Pet Food and Nutirition

Owning a pet is also taking full responsibility on how to take care of it. Since they also have life, they must be given attention to for they can’t do things that human can. Just like preparing for food. Although, there are things that can be taught to them, but not all the time they can follow. In we can read information regarding caring pets. Foods with nutrition that they love as well as medicines we need to buy for them when they got sick.

Tree Painting – Oil Pastel

Yellow, yellow green, green, black were the four magic colors combined to form this drawing. A very amateur one. It seems like I am starting all over again. It’s been so long when I stopped creating images by hand. But the demand of time comes in. I need to refresh for I will be coaching another drawing contest. This drawing below was just finished after 10 minutes. A quick shading and a little blending of colors. I promise to make a better one in my next drawing.
 photo 10574411_10202277304403249_2682230076705587341_n.jpg