Sep 28

The Star Player

It’s when I remember my birthday, my debut party. It was dawn when harana was made. Together with my cousins, my father and my mother of the apartment where I stayed during my college years prepared an unexpected celebration. The guitar used to play is so familiar with electric guitar I recently knew with duesenberg starplayer tv . Because it was school day, it was almost a regular day for me but after class another merriment was made and prepared by them again. I was thankful and blessed with people like them. I already miss them.

Sep 28

I Miss My Guitar

Guitar lovers will always have their guitars on their side. If they to put them aside, they are sure to be back and take them as if their best friend. In a certain blog I can’t remember, it says guitars sweep away tears of yesterday and kick stress away. Believe it or not, guitar lovers are pure lovers. When it’s dark they show you inner light.

Sep 28

Looking for the Best Sound Mixer

Do you know that music is the best cure for inner illnesses? Sometimes it can be improved more of embellishments to make it more beautiful. It is just like adding spices to a certain food preparation. In music aside from the ingredients, salt and pepper are added to taste better than ordinary. In music, the same things will happen like adding the best sound mixing feat. That can really make music more pleasant.

Jun 30

Change is Coming

It’s another school year. I was thinking and still thinking what lies ahead in my selected career. Not so much of career but vocation as a teacher. My dream is only to improve my performance as mentor. I was looking for possibilities where I can exercise more of my talents and skills in a manner that is congruent to what God has planned for me. I may be rude in terms of discipline but God knows what’s inside my heart. But whatever will be my new destination maybe next month or when, I am willing to wait as long as it will be for your honor and glory Lord.

May 11

Snakes in a Dream

According to Zhougong’s dictionary of dreams, if the dreamer is a businessperson and dreams one pair of snakes, it heralds that the dreamer will be able to make a big fortune.

In real, I’m so afraid of snake even if it’s far but I’m seeing it in my naked eye. I used to know that when a snake appeared in our dream someone is doing something against us behind our back. Hmmm. It was indeed a very big snake, I thought it was only one but there were two they passed on top of the table where we are going to dine. Their bodies smoothly slowly moved diagonally approaching the west part of our venue.

As we see them, we’re calm and it somewhat appears just like a normal thing happening. We did not even shouted or displayed any scary reaction. When I wake up in the morning and have my oatmeal drink, I still have in mind the scenario. I wanted to know what it means. If my father was here I should have asked him about its meaning and expect a very positive equivalent as it is used to be. I googled and found out a very optimistic answer of the questions I had in mind it’s in the first paragraph.

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Apr 30

Custom Speakers for Good

Whatever is the brand of your amplifier and music set and how good it plays when you want to hear music, it is still best if matched with a speaker that is definitely blowing something that is soothing to the ears. A friend of mine just talked about a unique speaker, if I am not mistaken it is called Kustom Speakers . In which I am also interested because we have a bad speaker at home. An old and not to so good in performance anymore. Maybe there is something inside it that needs to be fixed but the expenses is as good as buying a new set.

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