Art Contest Workshop

The first day of the Art Contest sponsored by Carmen Copper Corporation. The theme of the said activity is, “Mining Responsibly for a Brighter Future.”

Day 1 is here, workshop and planning for the final design will be done. Everybody is even excited to draw. Coaches were invited to sketch too including those that are sponsoring the big event. Who knows, they have an innate talent in painting too.

Sick and Coughing

It’s Monday and I just don’t want to be absent. Fever attacks on Sunday morning which I thought due to the whooping cough experienced last Saturday late in the afternoon. My body was weak but not my mind. When alarm clock rings as set Monday-Friday, jumping off from bed was my first pace.

Sitting on the coffee table with a glass of water was then my first doze for the day. The sound of the plunge of water in the bathroom was inviting. Taking a bath will be the next after this, I thought. But when I get down for bath, the water seems like ice. I didn’t take a bath.

It’s about 100 meters away from home before I get into to tricycle terminal. I felt dizzy in going there, but I still continue hoping I will be okay. But I was wrong, I arrived school not really feeling well. Back pain, numbness on the skin was felt. I decided to go to the hilot, go home, take medicine and get enough rest.

Whooping cough was still experienced when I woke up. I tried oregano leaves in a hot water hoping it will help out.


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Bass Drum Muffler

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